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What our Clients say about us 

“The VR platform is attractive and innovative. It is a fun way to practice any lesson. My son wished his school were using this system for every adequate subject. Thank you for giving this opportunity to experience such a practical new way to improve his English.”

Romina Kavak Buyukisman, Mother, Certified Translator  

From Turkey

Thank you for awesome classes. Isabella enjoyed every class. 

Parent of Isabella Pedrini, 10 Years,

From Brazil

"I have been attending the daily English course for adults in this institution since November 2020. I am very happy with the progress I made during this time both in my speaking and listening skills. The teacher helped me a lot with my confidence in communication and encouraged me to improve my vocabulary and grammar to be able to speak more fluently. I highly recommend this course."

Mahnaz Kashef, Student from Iran, Attending the IE Daily English

“My 10-year-old son is very pleased to attend the virtual classroom and looks forward to the lessons. Learning English from a Canadian teacher is a privilege. We thank you.”

Fatma Ozyer, Mother

From Turkey

“The lessons are really enjoyable. I have taken many English classes before, even studied English preparatory for 1 year at university. But my English was always limited. I have been attending your online classes for 3 weeks, I can see the improvement already. Your teaching method is very nice. You are using visual and audio memory. Throughout the day, I remember the images that were displayed in class. This is really interesting. Every time these images fall into my mind, I check them out to see if I remember them correctly. I don't understand how time passes in enjoyable and productive lessons.”

Dr. Bike Sagduyu, Fashion Designer, Daily English Class Student

From Turkey

Ariyanna Koc, 11 Years, 

From Turkey

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