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IE Teachers Training Program

Get your TEFL Certificate & 

Build a Teaching Career in only 12 Weeks! 

Infusion Edutainment Learning

Want to teach online? Great idea!

IE is bringing a new training program and providing a new career opportunity for those who want to Teach English Abroad or Online. Join the program to become a TEFL certified English teacher & an expert on online/VR teaching!


- 120-hour Online TEFL Course & Certification
- 30-hour Live Course on "Online/VR Teaching" & Certification

- Online Teaching Practicum with students in 3D Campus
- 3-month Free Teaching Membership at IE Virtual Campus 

IE Teacher Training program prepares you theoretically & practically as an English Teacher, makes you an expert on online teaching & a competitive candidate for the job market. 


Who is it for?

  • Native-English speakers wishing to teach English abroad or online

  • Non-English Speakers seeking for teaching English in their home country, online or abroad. 

  • English Teachers to boost their online teaching skills (We have 2-week Online Teaching Certificate program for English Teachers)  


Become an English Teacher Specialized in Online / VR Teaching!

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