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Frequently asked questions

Who can attend IE classes or programs?

IE School Classes are suitable for students from Grade 1 to 12. Kids & Youths are welcome. IE Daily English Classes are designed for university students, new graduates, professionals or any learners age 18+ IE Business Classrooms, on the other hand, are designed for professionals at any age who are aiming to increase their English level, communication, and presentation skills at work. IE IELTS prep courses are developed for students who are planning to take the IELTS Exam for business, academic, or immigration purposes.

Are your teachers certified?

All our teachers are Native English Speakers from Canada and certified ESL Teachers. They are all experienced in teaching English to children and to adults and in preparing students for the IELTS Exam or training them on Daily or Business English. Each teacher receives training and support so that they are comfortable with teaching online.

What equipment/technology is required? What are the specs of PC, VR or Internet connection?

You need to have a high speed and reliable connection to the Internet. Arranging and maintaining an Internet connection is the student’s responsibility. For the PC version, a Mac or PC capable of running the IE Campus App is required. It is highly recommended that all operating systems and browsers are kept up to date.

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, upon completion of your program, you will receive a letter of completion to showcase your achievement. You will be able to share this online certificate on social media or put on your CV.

Can I start courses anytime?

Similar to traditional school curriculums, our ourses follow the semester system, but we can start your program anytime you are ready to go. We have Full Term and Half Term options for schools varying from 4 to 12 months depending on the programs and class sizes. It is recommended that you make an application at least 1 month before your desired program start date.

How can I register for and study?

Prior to your enrollment, our sales team will arrange a Campus Tour and invite you to our Demo Classes. When registering for IE School or Business Classes, you will be provided with login information such as a username and password. You will also receive an Internet address (URL) to download our application. You will be able to fully customize your avatar before the courses begin.

How will I learn to use your online campus?

Our platform is very userfriendly. Upon registration, you will be given an orientation for our program and an introductory course to become familiar with PC or VR versions of your new language classes. Our Camus Installation video will help you to download and set-up the program. Our Classroom Rules video will help you to use the platform and your class time effectively. Your IE Classroom teacher will be in charge of facilitating the English courses, but the curriculum will be prepared or advised by local teachers. Depending on the school’s request, our ESL teachers can prepare a full curriculum for local schools. Course timetables will be given to students prior to their program start date. Each live lesson is 45 minutes long. Please be sure to go into each course on time and not miss your classes.

Do you offer any extra-curricular activities for students?

Yes, we have many exciting activities. The IE Campus offers a large range of extra-curricular activities to enhance the experience of students, increase their interaction with each other, improve their conversational skills, and make friendships. Besides the class times, students can navigate the campus, chat with each other, play soccer, or try some games to improve their vocabulary.

How safe is your platform?

We care about your safety and privacy. Students are only able to enter a course with a password and login which are assigned at registration and private to the user. No personal information is accessible to anyone else. Privacy is governed in exactly the same way as it is in traditional school programs.

Do I need to buy additional course materials such as textbooks or special programs?

No, you will not need any additional course materials or special programs.