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Language Learning Tips and Tricks

There are so many benefits to learning a new language as we explored in a recent blog post. However, the reason for learning or mastering a language tends to vary from person to person. That being said, everyone needs the same set of tools in order to be successful in language learning. One of the basic necessities here is the yearn of motivation. Without motivation to be successful, it is nearly impossible to master these skills. Starting to learn a language without seeing out where you can use it is basically useless in the long run.

As mentioned above, individual goals tend to vary. That’s why it is important to personalize what you’re working towards and really make it about yourself. Goals are a big part of motivation itself. Without having a real goal you’re working towards, it's almost impossible to accomplish anything. All things considered, revisiting a goal is optimal; this can help push you when the motivation dies down.

A definite key factor here is the learning itself. There are a handful of resources out there to learn a new language, both paid and free versions. One of my favorites is… not biased at all! A top-rated free app is Duolingo. While Duolingo is an app great for newer language learners, Babbel is perfect for those trying to master a new language. The key difference between these two is that “Babbel offers lessons with conversational practice and cultural immersion, whereas Duolingo offers adaptive learning lessons.” It can be difficult to nail down a new language with some applications that primarily offer support in English. An app that lets you learn a new language from your first language is Mondly. This app is especially popular for learning accurate pronunciation.

As discussed, motivation is the biggest key factor when it comes to language learning. That being said, the next part is practice, practice, and practice! When you’re setting your goal, you should also be setting a goal of when you will be practicing. While sticking to a strict schedule doesn’t matter much, consistency does. That being said, as long as you stay consistent, you’re bound to reach the end goal. With motivation and practice hand in hand, you can accomplish this easily!

We have a handful of resources mentioned above, but these are not the only ways to learn a new language! Do your research before diving in. Find your purpose, and stay motivated. The key takeaway here is to be engaged. Let me know if you find some other practices that work for you. Happy learning!

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