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IE Classroom (VR, PC & Mac)

We transform classrooms anywhere in the world into virtual classrooms and teach English with our Canadian ESL teachers to provide a native learning experience. Our virtual classes are tailored for both academic and business purposes, for users to improve their English speaking. Our language courses are delivered in our virtual classrooms where students can interact with our teachers, meet fellow ESL students, and learn English & Canadian culture.

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IE Daily English for Kids & Youths 

Designed for K-12 students.

Whether the students are beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate or  advanced, with our ESL teachers we deliver fun, immersive, innovative, and unique learning experiences in our virtual classrooms. 

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IE Daily English Class for Adults

Designed for university students, new graduates, professionals, adults.


Our live lessons with Canadian Teachers focus on providing speaking practices such as one-on-one, pair discussions, circle discussions, in-class activities, and online materials to fulfill your academic, professional, and personal life goals. The program also extends the vocabulary, and reviews grammar points. 

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IE IELTS Prep Class

Designed for candidates who desire to succeed on their IELTS Speaking Test. Our live lessons with Canadian Teachers provide speaking practices, tips, foundation, in-class activities, games, model questions, and topics to prepare you successfully for the IELTS Exam.

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IE Summer English Camp for Kids 

Designed for students ages 10-15

Unable to travel this summer? We bring Canadian teachers to you!

Live speaking classes, games, activities, group discussions, campus tours, and simulations... All await you at IE Campus!

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IE Business Class

Designed for professionals who wish to improve their English and progress in their careers.


This program focuses on the business context and environments, role playing, case studies, group discussions to empower employees. Result? Improved meetings, presentations, emails, and communication skills that are vital in the business world. 

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IE Teachers Training Program 

Want to teach online? Great idea!

IE is bringing a new training program and providing a career opportunity for those who want to Teach English Abroad or Online. Join the program to become a certified English teacher, an expert on online/VR teaching!

IE Suite (VR & PC)

Take our Daily English or IELTS Speaking Preparation courses with IE Suite! Our unique program offers an immersive VR experience, AI teaching assistant, interactive learning games, and homework quests to accelerate language learning. Available in PC and VR! 


Combining stimulation, rehearsal, immersion, and gamification can lead to improve cognitive abilities and language learning skills. Click here to see what Dr. Ulf Schuetze, Professor at the University of Victoria say about our immersive learning program and its components. 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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IE Daily Suite

Users planning to use English in daily life or at work can use our immersive methods to learn English in a fun and engaging way. 


Designed to completely immerse students in a variety of topics to test their knowledge and prepare them for the IELTS test for academic or immigration purposes. 

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