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IE Daily English for School Kids

Infusion Edutainment Student Learning

Designed for K-12 students!

Infusion Edutainment is providing platforms for worldwide students to learn English with native English teachers from Canada. We transform classrooms anywhere in the world into virtual classrooms and offer students a fun, innovative, and safe learning environment.

Our language courses are delivered to friendly groups through virtual classrooms where your students can interact with our teachers and their classmates, improve their conversational skills, and learn about Canadian culture as well as the language. The platform also creates a safe space for young learners to connect with students from various countries, practice their English, play games on campus, and build friendships.

IE School Classroom allows students to immerse themselves in a safe learning environment and perfect their English speaking abilities.

Native English Teachers

Our Native English teachers ensure students are learning the best English possible and improving their pronounciation. 

Custom Programs & Flexible schedule 

Authentic or custom-made curriculum designed around requested topics or learning levels/interests.  Possibility of choosing class slots.

Various Environment Settings

Students can learn and interact in various environments such as classrooms, auditorium etc... You can also learn on the beach or even explore Mars!

Safe & Fun Learning 

Pressure-free environment helps to reduce the anxiety of learning a new language while adding fun and innovative ways to learn!

Look inside our Classrooms & Campus  

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