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IE Business English Classes

Infusion Edutainment Business English Classes

Designed for Business Professionals!

Speaking English is essential for getting ahead at work 


Infusion Edutainment is providing an immersive platform for businesses from various industries, aiming to improve their employees’ English skills with a focus on business-world vocabulary and discussion topics such as Industry-specific English programs for Medical, Business, Hospitality & Tourism industries. 

We help:

- Professionals to speak English confidently and stay competitive!

- Businesses to increase their corporate productivity, profitability, human capital & global positioning while developing their employees’ English skills.

Dedicated to bringing you:

Success in meetings, presentations, writing emails, and communicating with international business partners, customers, and coworkers.

Native English Teachers

All our teachers are native English speakers - ensuring students are learning the best English possible

Customized Teaching Materials

Our teachers can work with provided material or create custom curriculum designed around industry-specific scenarios such as business, hospitality and  medical settings.

Certificate Upon Completion

Students will receive their IE Business English Certificate which includes a comparison of the student's level of English & the skills developed during the learning period. 

Wide Variety of Learning Settings

Learn and interact in various environments: from a 300 person auditorium presentation and boardroom meetings to chatting one on one on the beach!

  • Curriculum and Program Details
    Our programs* are developed by computer scientists, education professionals, ESL instructors, and professors. They are designed to teach English to worldwide students of all ages in a virtual campus with promising and immersive learning components. IE School Classroom includes 2 major learning components: Real-Time Virtual Classroom with teachers & Self-Practice at home. It also provides free conversation opportunities on the campus with other learners. The program also provides: - Free Level Placement Test to determine the appropriate English level - 1 Free Orientation session prior to classes to help our students become familiar with the virtual campus and its features. - Real-Time Virtual Classes hosted by Certified ESL teachers from Canada. - Free access to the Virtual Campus 7/24, and conversational practice with other learners outside of class time. - Homework: 15-30 minutes of self-practice allowing students to review what they learned to maximize learning retention. - Quiz at the end of each topic to measure students’ progress and allow them to move into the next topic. - Completion Certificate: Students who finish 42 sessions, and succeed on their mid-term and final exams will be given a certificate upon the completion of the program. * Our curriculum is Collaboratively prepared and recomended by Dr. Ulf Schuetze, Professor at the University of Victoria, Digital Language Learning Laboratory.
  • Course Outline
    Courses are designed for 4 different Levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate & Upper-Intermediate Each level includes: 12 topics, 42 sessions (36 units and 6 review classes.), Mid-term and Final Exams Our 45-minute sessions include grammar, vocabulary, conversation and in class-activities aiming to expand students’ vocabulary, advance their pronunciation, and improve comprehension and conversation skills
  • Learning Outcome
    Our curriculum is practical for improving daily living skills as well as integrated into global awareness. Collaboratively prepared and recomended by Dr. Ulf Schuetze, Professor at the University of Victoria, Digital Language Learning Laboratory. Our topics are exclusively selected by our ESL teachers and our units are designed for certain age groups’ interests and their English level. Our Level 1 & Level 2 topics start from self-introduction to daily conversation about cultures, food, countries… Our Level 3 and Level 4 topics vary from self-introduction to climate change, from globalization to international education. Our aim is beyond teaching only English but preparing students and young learners to stay competitive in a global world, learn new cultures and improve their conversational, presentation and communication skills.
  • Duration of Program
    We are as flexible as you want us to be. We deliver 3, 4, 6- or 10-month programs, with the frequency of courses varying from 1 to 3 times a week. Each level includes 12 topics= 42 sessions (36 units and 6 review classes.) The duration of the program depends on how frequently you take sessions per week.
  • Class Size
    ~ Small: 16-25 students ~ Medium: 26-35 students ~ Large: 36-45 students ~ X-large: 46-60 students ~ Events: up to 300 people
  • Required Technology
    IE School class is available for PC and VR. For the PC course, you only need: High-speed internet connection Computer Headphone with microphone For a more immersive experience, join our VR course. You will need: High-Speed Internet connection VR Headset
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